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Cut Off Mark – UNIJOS Courses 2023/2024


UNIJOS JAMB cut-off mark for all courses that are offered at the University of Jos for the academic session has been announced This means that all candidates who registered with the University of Jos as their preference for their preferred higher institution at the time of the UTME registration process can verify if they are in line with this year’s UNIJOS JAMB cut off mark for the academic session 2023/2024.

Candidates who are able to meet the UNIJOS official cut-off marks will then be subjected to an internal screening conducted by the university, and they are urged to bring all their documents with them, including passport photos that are recent (8 copies are recommended).

Look for the approved cut-off mark for UNIJOS at the end of this article.

Candidates should be aware of the advantage of meeting the University of Jos (UNIJOS ) cut-off mark for JAMB is that applicants have the chance to be admitted to any of the programs offered at the University of Jos (UNIJOS ) in the event that candidates have a high score on the internal screening test.

Certain documents are requested by the school’s authority to carry out their internal screening.

Documents needed for Internal screening for UNIJOS are: UNIJOS include:

  1. In the first place, applicants must be able to meet the UNIJOS cut-off mark set by JAMB (Joint Admission and Matriculation Board) to be able to gain admission to the school.
  2. Candidates must hold at least 5 credits with a minimum of 5 credits Mathematics and English as well as other subjects that are relevant to the studies.
  3. Original copies of JAMB result slip
  4. Original documents, which include the ‘O’-level certificate, Please note that waiting for results will not be recognized by University of Jos (UNIJOS )
  5. A copy in original of the birth certificate
  6. Your Secondary School Testimonial
  7. Eight (8) recent passport pictures (to ensure you are on the safe side)

Candidates for UTME candidates who have chosen University of Jos have always had the following questions on UNIJOS cut-off marks for this session. it’s high time that we addressed their concerns as it could also be within the scope of the questions you’ve wanted to ask. Refer at the following table.

What is UNIJOS the current cut off point? The cutoff for UNIJOS’s scoring system is 150. Anyone UTME candidate who scores 150 or above is able to apply to participate in the UNIJOS after the post UTME screening.
Does UNIJOS accept second-choice candidates? UNIJOS accepts the first and second choice of applicants.
Is it possible that UNIJOS accept me when I have a 150-150 score? No. Only those who score 150 or more are able to be considered to UNIJOS Post UTME.
What is the UNIJOS cut-off mark for nurses? Candidates who have a minimum score of 220 and a score of at least 65 marks in their post UTME are more likely to be taking Nursing courses in UNIJOS but it is important to confirm that Nursing is offered at UNIJOS.
If I get 190 points in jamb and use UNIJOS as a second option, can I get admission? University of Jos accepts first and second-choice UTME applicants, regardless of JAMB score.
What do I need to do to switch my school to UNIJOS as I’ve did not meet their cut-off marks? Purchase an application form for change of course from JAMB It costs around 2500 Nigerian naira. Complete the necessary information and then submit. You will be notified of the success of your application by email registered to your account or by using JAMB CAPS.
I have 8 credits from my O’Level however, I have a JAMB scores are 180. I’m applying to Banking and Finance. What do I have to do to gain admission to UNIJOS? With a 150 JAMB score, and 8 credits passes you are still in the running of getting to UNIJOS however, your post-UTME score should be at a high level.
What do you think of the UNIJOS JAMB cut off mark for the fields of Medicine and Surgery? We recommend you to score at least 250 and over on your JAMB to have a chance in calculating your total score.
I am an indigene from Plateau Can I be considered for admission even if I do not score above the cut-off mark? The minimum cut-off threshold to be used by UNIJOS will be the same for every applicants regardless of the country of birth of the applicant.
What is the cut-off date in Electrical and Electronics Engineering in UNIJOS? We recommend that you score at least 240 or above on your JAMB to ensure that when your total scores are calculated you’ll have a greater chance of being accepted to UNIJOS.
I got 198 marks in jamb does there have any possibility of me being admitted to medical biochemistry? The first thing to do is confirm that medical Biochemistry is available in UNIJOS. But, the answer is not. However, you are still qualified to take part in the post UTME. I would suggest that to switch your program to an easier one.
My name is indigene and received 183 on JAMB Can I get admission into UNIJOS? Yes, you are able to since you scored more than the minimum cutoff score for UNIJOS. However, admission to the university would depend on the program you picked.
I got 197 marks in my JAMB Can I get admission to pursue studies in English or not? I am an indigenous person and on my O’level score I scored 7Bs 1A and 1C. Are I eligible to be admitted into UNIJOS by submitting this O’level score? Yes, you can be admitted.
Does someone with 185 In Jamb be admitted to UNIJOS to take accounting classes? You may be admitted to UNIJOS but you should not take up Accounting. Accounting is a profession course so it is a higher JAMB cut-off marks. It is required to score 250 and above along with a high Post UTME score to be able to study Accounting at UNIJOS.
Do UNIJOS take Transfer Students from universities other than yours? Yes UNIJOS will accept students who have transferred so they satisfy their standards.
What is the UNIJOS cut-off threshold for law enforcement? If you have an JAMB scores of 260 or above, you can pursue Law at UNIJOS. Law requires a great JAMB score due to the high law school competition.
What JAMB score should I obtain for the purpose of studying Pharma at UNIJOS? First, you must examine the classes available at UNIJOS to verify if pharmacy is taught at the school If yes. It is necessary to be able to score a minimum of 260 marks in JAMB to be eligible for admission to UNIJOS to pursue a degree in Pharmacy.
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The following are the most commonly asked questions and the best answers to UNIJOS JAMB cut off mark. Be sure to go through them in detail as they could be useful in helping you understand the course you are taking and the cut-off mark.

We will always inform students that beating the Unijos cut-off mark for the academic session 2023/2024 does not guarantee applicants or prospective students immediate admission to the university until there is a successful internal screening exercise is carried out for all applicants.

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If the candidate(s) are successful during the internal screening process, the candidate(s) will automatically be admitted to the subject they wish to study.

UNIJOS JAMB Cut off Mark For Al Courses 2023/2024 Academic Session

UNIJOS JAMB cut off mark for all courses that are offered in the 2023/2024 academic session is 150 and therefore, students who score 150 or higher are automatically qualified to take part in the University of Jos, (UNIJOS) internal screening exercise, however we have to warn you that the more impressive the JAMB result, the greater your chance of getting the course you want to enroll in for your UTME.

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The UTME/DE candidates should have registered to University of Jos as their First Choice and have scored not less than the cut-off marks as well as the differential cut-off marks for the various Faculties/Programmes listed below:

1. Faculty of Agriculture

a. Agricultural Science

2. Faculty of Arts

a. Mass Communication

B. Theatre and Film Arts

C. All other Programs




3. Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences

a. Biochemistry

4. Faculty of Clinical Sciences

a. Medicine and Surgery

5. Faculty of Dental Sciences

a. Dentistry

6. Faculty of Education

a. All Programmes

7. Faculty of Engineering

a. Civil Engineering

b. Electrical Electronics Engineering

C. Mechanical Engineering

d. Mining Engineering





8. Faculty of Environmental Sciences

a. Architecture

b. All other Programs



9. Faculty of Health Science and Technology

a. Nursing Sciences

b. Medical Laboratory Science



10. Faculty of Law

a. Law

11. Faculty of Management Sciences

a. Accounting

b. Business Administration

C. All other Programs




12. Faculty of Natural Sciences

a. Computer Science

B. Microbiology

C. Science Laboratory Technology

D. All other Programs





13. Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

A. Pharmacy

14. Faculty of Social Sciences

a. Psychology

b. Economics

C. Criminology

D. All other Programs





15. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

A. Medicine for Veterinary Medicine


I hope you’ve found the information you came here to do? If there is any question(s) in relation to the UNIJOS Cut-off Mark to be used for JAMB the academic year 2023-2024 you can scroll to the comments section below, and post your query and we’ll respond promptly.

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